Part II- 30 Performances

For Part I click here

A poem was written reflecting on the experience of wearing the socks for 30 days. The poem was performed in the 29 sites listed below. The sites were chosen based on invitation and the receptiveness of the crowd:

Penny’s Mic, Vagabond Cafe, Washington Square Park, Bar 82, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), Wall Street, Yippie Cafe, One & One Bar, Central Park, The Nuyoricans Poet’s Cafe, ABC NO RIO, JUJUMUKTI, The Pyramid Club NYC, The Underground Live, Children’s Aid Society, Bar 13, The Bowery Poetry Club, Ann Beal Bocht Cafe, Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar, The Tea Lounge BK, The Brooklyn Lyceum, No Malice Palace, Back Fence, The Village Lantern,  LP Lounge,  Milux Cafe,  Milk Boy PA, L Train between First Ave & First stop in BK, Occupy Broadway…

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