United We Sock was possible to collaborative efforts of the people below. Huge thanks to the artists and collaborators who made the developing work possible!



Mónica Robles

 Choreographic Assistance:

Kaitlin Hines, Kaya Nakamura


Kaitlin Hines, Kaya Nakamura, KristiAnne Francis, Michelle Mantione, Micheal Somersel, Keely Ancrile, Mónica Robles

Original Poetry & Readings by:

Nehassaiu deGannes, Josué Raúl Ramírez, and Monica Robles


 Production Coordinator:

Josué Raúl Ramírez

 Production Assistant:

Kaya Nakamura

Production Volunteers:

Adriana Riqueti de Oliveira, Desiree Hamuche

 Special thanks to: Michelle for choreographic adaptation; Raúl, Kaitlin, and Kaya for their hard work and dedication during the six months the project; to Nehassaiu for her beautiful poem and artistic input, to our volunteer performers for lending their talents, and to our supporters and sponsors for encouraging the blooming of emerging artists.


Catherine Galasso , Takisha Landy, Rosalina Masisco-Mathis, Genevieve Mathis, Kaya Nakamura, Lane Rasberry, Natasha Ross, Wilfredo & Sonia Santiago Valiente, Anthony Sherin, Kensaku Shinohara

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